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Hospitality of any kind is a people business... or it is meant to be! It’s also a business built on people serving people, which is best supported by diverse perspectives. Historically, the hospitality industry has been heavily male-dominated and influenced in leadership and change maker roles. However, that trend has evolved and more women are leading the way as corporate and creative change makers.

This recent article by Travel + Leisure exemplifies that and gets us excited about what lies ahead.

But what exactly does it mean? It means there is more visibility and expectation about the need for transparent conversations about gender equality and benefits of women serving as inspiring roles models for what can be accomplished. Women are choosing to create opportunities that are shifting the face of the industry at the front door and in the boardroom. Female leaders can provide a more accommodating and nurturing environment and are determined to find or develop solutions that support their people. That trait is now in even greater demand with the employee talent pool.

We're a female-founded business, however at PLM we love and appreciate working with a diverse group of clients and Label Makers that continue to challenge the old ways of doing business. We embrace a spirit of change and collaboration to strengthen the brands we are fortunate to work with and represent.

It’s an honor to have been a part of this industry evolution and we’re truly inspired every day to show up and ask the right questions and provide the right solutions that contribute to this forward progress in our own small, yet hopefully impactful, way.


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